Kozlovna Złota Brama

Czech beer and Polish cuisine

Kozlovna Golden Gate Restaurant is a combination between the high-class craft Czech brewing and traditional Polish cuisine. Is located on the Gdańsk Old Town next to the Golden Gate. Some of the best Tapsters in Poland will present you techniques of pouring beer, which you do not know yet.

With us, an ordinary dinner turns into a long feast. Polish cuisine goes perfectly with beer. What is more wonderful than slow tasting of delicious food and drink with golden liquor? We don’t have to remind you that one of the Czech’s favorite beers is Kozel.

Fall in love with ŘEZANÉ beer just like us.

Pssss ... Do you know why ŘEZANÉ is so good?

Well, because the flavors complement and permeate each other, and above all it’s an original and interesting way of serving beer. The most important thing is to combine beer so that it goes perfectly with each other. The finale is to be pleasant and bitter, and the beginning is sweet and caramel. Hence the lager at the bottom and a dark beer at the top. But all the magic lies in the perfect pouring of beer. Sit at the bar and see how amazing it is.

Our Tapsters

Tapster Agnieszka


This filigree girl will show you the claw and present you with the real art of pouring beer.

Tapster Igor


This quiet perfectionist picks you the best Hladinka you have not tried yet.